Ylira Pimentel-Diaz, MSW, LICSW

Psychotherapist, Consultant, and Coach

“Helping you Connect the Dots”

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies

inside of you.   (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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I provide short and long term psychotherapy to adults struggling with stress, major life transitions, anxiety (including social anxiety and generalized anxiety), depression, grief and other reactions to losses, and trauma reactions including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  

My personal and professional identity, including biculturalism, bilingualism (Spanish), and immigrant experience, have allowed me to develop a unique, collaborative, and comprehensive approach to psychotherapy.  I have worked with individuals across the life span, being witness to development through life from working with pregnant and new mothers, and individuals from toddlerhood to old age.  

I approach my work as an opportunity to help individuals discover and connect to their strengths as they work to overcome their problems and empower themselves!  Psychotherapy and coaching can be life-changing and transformational.  Wellness Therapist” is symbolic of my holistic approach to therapy which sits on a personal commitment to offering a safe space with compassion and empathy.  I provide support and guidance while delivering clear, honest, and practical feedback geared towards helping people change patterns that have maintained their distress.

The client is always the driver and the therapist is the aide. I am honored to join my clients in their journey, clarify what they want to achieve and help them set a clear path on how to accomplish these goals, help them connect to their strengths, provide guidance, and teach skills that address the challenges that motivated them to seek help.  This in turns allows them to do the work of constructing their best Self.

My office is located at 264 Beacon St. 3rd floor, Boston, MA 02116 in the heart of Back Bay.  To schedule an initial phone consultation, reach me at my confidential phone line: 617-299-9615 (please leave best dates and times to reach you), or email me at ylira@wellnesstherapist.org.

A note from me:

“How I Walk the Walk”

I believe it is crucial to invest in self development in order to be an effective clinician, so whether it is through engagement in therapy, coaching, consultations, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation practices, I continously seek greater awareness of how my personal experiences and broader social conditioning shape my work.

I enjoy learning about alternative methods to harmonize the mind and body and heal psychological pain (including Yoga, and Chakra and Reiki energy healing) and practice daily meditation and mindfulness.  

As a bicultural and bilingual immigrant, 1st generation college student, and product of low-income family, I am passionate abount themes involving how socio-economic-political contexts shape our personal lives and seek to address these issues with clients who are interested in this exploration.  

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Ylira Pimentel-Diaz

Wellness Coaching

Life will throw curve balls at you, that’s a given! But the more skills you can learn to help you manage those uncertain and those stressful moments, the more chances you have of overcoming and suceeding. 

Wellness Coaching is for those individuals who want to improve their lives but do not necessarily want to engage in psychotherapy.

Through Wellness Coaching, I will teach you healthy strategies to manage stressors which could in turn improve your ability to manage your multiple, usually competing, life areas.

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