Grief: Integrating, not “Letting Go”

Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Youtube Usually when we think about grief we associate it with the aftermath of losing someone we love or deeply care about.  Grief is a natural response to a significant loss.  If you’ve dealt with other types of loses and you’ve felt grief...

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Does my Teen Need a Psychotherapist?

If you are wondering if your teen needs a counselor, it is likely that you and/or others have noticed at least one emotional and behavioral change in him or her. One of the factors that makes the determination about whether your teen needs professional help a little t…

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Overcoming Stigma One Thought at a Time

Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Youtube You may have already learned about the stigma associated with mental health issues and how this often makes it difficult for people to seek help.  Per Health and Human Services (HHS) data, less than half of the adolescents that needed...

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Talking to your Teen about Mental Health

Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Youtube You are considering talking to your teen about his or her mental health (which includes emotions and behaviors) and are not sure about what approach to take or what to say.  Often this conversation arises when you or someone in your...

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