Child and Adolescent Consultations

I provide consultation including support and coaching around healthy parenting skills to caregivers, this could be at times of developmental changes, and/or major life transitions such as relocations, new school, grief and loss, and parents’ divorce.

Just as individuals go through developmental stages and face changes and unique challenges from infancy to old age,  families go through stages or “life cycle”. Over the span of each family members’ lives, changes occur in their individual roles as well in their role within the family.  Changes can occur within the relationships be­tween spouses and between parents and children, as well as schedules, needs, income, etc. 

Given my professional background as a preschool teacher, an elementary school-age afterschool and summer camp group leader, I am particularly skilled at coaching caregivers in developing healthier ways of interacting. Common goals of therapy include developing and improving closeness, communication, and building collaborative and empowering relationships between adults and their children. 

I have trained and practiced extensively in evidenced based treatment modalities, including Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), known to help children and adolescents impacted by trauma.  Additionally, I recently completed Tier 1 and Tier 2 Collaborative Problem Solving Trainings withThink:Kids program (MGH).  CPS is an evidence-based approach to understanding and helping children and adolescents with behavioral challenges.  For more information: 

Below are some of the child-focused, and parenting trainings I’ve completed: 

  • Think:Kids Rethink Challenging Kids Biennial CPS Conference 10/14/17 (Sessions: “CPS and Early Childhood”, “Research Roundtable”, and “Integrating Mindfulness”).
  • Think Kids- Tier 2 Intensive Training in Collaborative Problem Solving (7/31/17-8/2/17) A New Approach for Parenting, Teaching, and Treating Children with Behavioral Challenges with Dr. Larry Epstein.
  • Yoga Mandala Kids Teacher 6 hours Training Program with Sharon Marrama (04/30/17)
  • Youth At Risk 2017- Workshops: “Education Law and Advocacy”: Case Analysis and Dispute Resolution Techniques” and “Meditation: The Practice of Mindfulness” (June 9, 2017)
  • Think Kids- Tier 1 Intensive Training in Collaborative Problem Solving A New Approach for Parenting, Teaching, and Treating Children with Behavioral Challenges with Dr. J Stuart Ablon, PhD (1/30/17-2/2/17) 
  • Addressing Maladaptive Coping Behaviors with Adolescents and their Families -(Self Study, Aug. 2016)
  • Youth At Risk 2015- Workshops: “Do I Ask for a Psychological Evaluation or Neuropsychological Evaluation” and “I’ve Got the Report-Now What Does it Mean? Interpreting and Using Evaluation Reports”
  • Understanding Trauma and Caring for the Caregivers (March 2015)
  • Think Differently: A New Approach for Parenting, Teaching, and Treating Children with Behavioral Challenges with Dr. J Stuart Ablon, PhD @MGH (Dec, 2014)
  • Youth At Risk 2013-Workshops: “Emotional Challenges of Students with Language Based Learning Disabilities” and “Collaborative Engagement of Parents/Caregivers”
  • Certificate in Child and Adolescent Trauma from National Center for Social Work Trauma Education and Workforce Development [Yearlong educational program (9/11-05/12) and 14 hours of intensive skills based training in Evidence Based Practices of Trauma Treatment, field experience implementing the method and a course in Core Concepts on Child and Adolescent Trauma]
  • Introduction to Child Parent Psychotherapy with Gail Arnold M. and Carmen Rosa Norona (Oct, 2011)
  • Development, Attachment, and Trauma with Carmen Rosa Norona (Sep. 2011)
  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certicate (TF-CBT) (Sep. 2010)

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